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Better Without Jesus

About six months ago my 4-year-old son “asked Jesus into his heart”.  I did the same around that age, and I know that many people do the same.  But should we use that language?  As Dr Mohler stated a number of years ago, it is not heresy, but it is not helpful.  Recently, I watched the first session from Jim Cymbala’s six-session group Bible study, When God’s Spirit Moves.  Cymbala teaches on the power and presence of the Spirit and how Jesus taught that it was better for him to go so that the Spirit could come.  Cymbala said this is true because no outward teaching can replace the inward power of the Spirit.

I wasn’t raised with much of a theology of the Holy Spirit, and most people I know would say the same.  The Spirit was something that some people took too far, so it was best to not get wrapped up in emotion and swing to the other side and treated as the black sheep of the Trinity.  But as Cymbala says, Christians are distinct from all other religions and cults because of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

I am challenged and excited to see what God will do when I open my life to the Holy Spirit.  I also am challenged to instill in my boys a better knowledge and understanding of the Holy Spirit than what I knew.  Maybe the language we should consider is asking the Spirit into your life, rather than Jesus into your heart.  I would encourage you to watch the first session from Jim Cymbala’s When God’s Spirit Moves on YouTube for free below, and check out his new book on the same topic, Spirit Rising.  In the video below, you will hear Cymbala’s inspiring teaching on the person of the Holy Spirit, and an amazing story of transformation from a former gangster named Roma:

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