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Free online conference today: “The Nines”

A boat load of influential pastors, thinkers, writers, and otherwise interesting church leaders will be participating in a free online video conference today called The Nines. This is an annual conference that’s organized by our friends at Leadership Network. For more information go here. The whole thing is completely free.

I encourage you to make some time to watch some of these videos. If you’re busy today, maybe just watch a little on your lunch break. The twitter tag is #thenines. It’s essentially free access to some of today’s most influential church leaders. A great opportunity!

The Nines – Live Blogging 5, Seth Godin

Seth Godin – “The internet …it’s all about connection. The big connections are created by people. People who are acting like human beings. People who connect at a human level.”
Great words!

The Nines – Live Blogging 4

Stacy Spencer: In Crisis Christ Is
“God reminded me there was something different that he wanted to do in my life….on that day I stopped focusing on what wasn’t, but what could be.”
I can’t imagine starting a church on 9/9/01, and then having to go to two services the next week because of 9/11. WOW.
“Every crisis that comes through our ministry, God works out for good….we have been encouraged that God entrusts us with trouble…God never wastes pain.”

Have you felt this way? In my personal life I’ve seen how God has worked out pain or crisis for my own good. It’s hard at the time to see him in the situation though. Usually I don’t noticed how God has worked in me until after it’s over…How about you?

The Nines – Live Blogging 3

Frank Turk’s emphasis on the reality of Christ was an awesome message. I’m in a bible study right now that’s reading through the Sermon on the Mount, and much of Bonhoeffer’s “The Cost of Discipleship.” Somewhere in Matt. 7 and in “Discipleship” we were led to discussing the “reality” of Jesus – of what it means to remember that he’s not just some old story, or some mythical character, but that he really is alive. Real.

(It was interesting too that immediately after he started speaking, someone twittered that he was the first person to mention Jesus. Just interesting to think about how people watch and critique things differently.)

The Nines – Live Blogging 2

Michael Hyatt’s talk was filled with practical, hepful advice. Great stuff. It’s nice to see someone speak after reading their blog for a while. His big question: “What does this experience make possible?” That’s a great question. It’s interesting that it took an injury (in his case a bad fall) for him to this question. Have you ever asked yourself this when a situation was out of your control? I”m wracking my brain, and have to confess, I don’t think I’ve asked this of myself at times when I could have. This a question to write down in your journal.

The Nines – Live Blogging 1, Dino Rizzo

Dino Rizzo had a great message on doing the little things, immediately followed by Charles Jenkins who said to keep a “laser focus” on our high priorities.

At first I thought these two ideas were contradictory. But as I think about it now, God calls each of us to a responsibility (a call, a job, etc., fill in your own noun) and within that responsibility there may be “little things” along with our high priorities.

Do you agree?

As a pastor or leader, running meetings, initiating programs, preaching, etc. may be the highest priorities – what are the “small things” you need to focus on?

(Purchase the Servolution ebook by Dino Rizzo.)

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