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Deep & Wide by Andy Stanley

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Author and pastor Andy Stanley draws from Scripture and over 25 years of pastoral experience to communicate to church leaders how they can create a church where believers can have a growing faith in Jesus and at the same time unbelievers can make a vital and lasting connection—a ministry that is both deep and wide. Download a free team discussion guide and learn more at www.DeepandWidebook.com

The “Deep & Wide” Blog Tour is this week!

Andy Stanley, North Point ChurchThis week bloggers will be posting their reviews and thoughts on Andy Stanley’s new book Deep & Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to AttendI’ll be keeping a running list of the blog reviews below. Also, if you’re not yet familiar with this book, be sure to check out the promo video.


The Deep & Wide Blog Tour 

“Killer Church” blog by Rich Birch“I really do think it’s the most important church leadership book in a very long time maybe since “Purpose Driven Church” was published in 1995.  Get some copies of it and read it together with your leadership team.”

Panorama of a Book Saint (Conrade Yap) – Conrade is a frequent reviewer of books on ministry. He’s also a pastor and holds DMin. Here’s what he has to say about Deep & Wide“Deep and Wide may very well be one of the biggest paradigm shifters or difference makers for anyone of us wanting to bring our churches to the next level.  More importantly, this book is immediately useful, gradually helpful, and overwhelmingly hopeful.”

Father Michael White at the Church Nativity blog – This post is about the difference between the Greek word Ekklesia and the German word Kirche, and what that means for the church today. The fact that it’s written by a Roman Catholic makes me rejoice. God, and his ekklesia, are so much bigger than our denominations. Praise God for Catholic brothers building the ekklesia of Christ.

Andy Vomsteeg’s Blog – Andy provides a lot of great quotes from the book.

“Steps” Blog – This review says, “This is truly a great book for ministers and lay leaders.

Kuya Kevin’s Blog – This is a great blog post. The reviewer includes some personal connections to Deep & Wide and also lists a series of questions anyone in ministry should ask themselves. Here’s one that gets my head spinning: “Are people rejecting the gospel or are they rejecting all the man-made “baggage” I/we’ve attached to it?

“From My Overly Cluttered Desk” blogDeep and Wide is a book that is worth reading, highlighting, and dialoguing with.  You likely won’t agree with everything Stanley writes, nor should you.  He anticipates that point and even issues some arguments in the book.  However, I think every church leader can find some leadership nuggets and some programmatic challenges worth talking about in the book.  It would be a great book to read as a staff.

“My World” blog“This might be one of the best books I’ve ever read on church ministry or leadership. It is chock full of wisdom, things churches can learn and ways staff’s can grow together to be effective.”

The Exponential Conference blog (Brandon Cox) – Though not officially part of the blog tour I wanted to be sure to list this post. Brandon does a great job of excerpting key ideas from the book and also has this to say: “This is one of those books that will be among the dozen or so that testify of great movements of God in recent history.”

Bramburst blog“Written with the same humor, insights and clarity I’ve come to expect from Andy’s messages each week “Deep & Wide” is a great book for any leader in the wider Christian church not content with running a club for the righteous but a hospital for sinners or in other words the rest of us.”

JR Forastero’s blog – This blogger must have attended Catalyst and heard Andy’s first session. He’s written up a nice summary of Andy’s talk. If you missed Catalyst this year, visit this link.

27Gen Blog – Here’s another blogger who highlights key quotes from the book. His quotes focus mostly on ministry environments.

The Church Health Blog – This blogger highlights 3 key points from Deep & Wide: The importance of making church engaging, appealing, and helpful.

HD Nazarene blog“I’ve read the first 50 pages and if you’re connected to ministry in North America the story is a page-turner.”

Dr. Carlus Gupton’s Life & Leadership blog“This [book] is a good description of the philosophy and practice of a church that is effective in reaching unchurched populations.”

The Blog Pile (Peter DeHaan) - “This book is primarily written for ministers, but applies to all church leaders, both paid and volunteer. It’s also for the laity, for all who want to create churches that unchurched people will love to attend. Read it, apply it, and then do it. Your church will never be the same.”

The Art of Steering blog


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Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley

“It is completely false that churches must sacrifice quality to get quantity,  must artificially choose between evangelism or discipleship, or cannot have depth and growth at the same time.  Few prove this fact better than the ministry of Andy Stanley who has grown North Point Church on purpose and with passion. No Christian leader can afford to miss this book.”

Rick Warren, Pastor, Saddleback Church

“The most common question I get from pastors is, ‘How do I get the people in my church to be open to change?’ From now on my answer will be, ‘Read Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley’. Thanks Andy. Great book!”
- Craig Groeschel, Pastor, LifeChurch.TV

Download the Deep & Wide Team Discussion Guide

or Read a Sample Chapter

With surprising candor and transparency pastor Andy Stanley explains how one of America’s largest churches began with a high-profile divorce and a church split.

Andy Stanley, North Point ChurchBut that’s just the beginning…

Deep and Wide provides church leaders with an in-depth look into North Point Community Church and its strategy for creating churches unchurched people absolutely love to attend. Andy writes, “Our goal is to create weekend experiences so compelling and helpful that even the most skeptical individuals in our community would walk away with every intention of returning the following week…with a friend!”

Later he says, “I want people to fall in love with the Author of Scripture. And while we can’t make anyone fall in love, we can certainly arrange a date.”

For the first time, Andy explains his strategy for preaching and programming to “dual audiences”: mature believers and cynical unbelievers. He argues that preaching to dual audiences doesn’t require communicators to “dumb down” the content. According to Stanley, it’s all in the approach.

You’ll be introduced to North Point’s spiritual formation model: The Five Faith Catalysts. Leaders responsible for ministry programing and production will no doubt love Andy’s discussion of the three essential ingredients for creating irresistible environments. For pastors willing to tackle the challenge of transitioning a local congregation, Andy includes a section entitled: Becoming Deep and Wide.
If your team is more concerned with who you are reaching than who you are keeping, Deep and Wide will be more than a book you read; it will be a resource you come back to over and over!

Order your copy of Deep & Wide at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ChristianBook.com, or wherever books are sold.

“Couldn’t be prouder of my son, Andy. And I couldn’t be more excited about the content of this book. I wish a resource like this existed when I was starting out in ministry.”
- Dr. Charles Stanley, Founder, In Touch Ministries

Deep and Wide pulls back the curtain for all of us to see what is required behind the scenes to build a prevailing church. I was both challenged and inspired by this book.”
- Bill Hybels, author of Just Walk Across the Room

“No one has given me more practical handles for establishing a focused vision than Andy Stanley. Deep and Wide is a rich resource to help all of us stay intentional about the main thing – building a church that reaches people who are far from God.”
- Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor, Elevation Church

Download a sample chapter.

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