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Hangin’ out in Dallas: 2 of 2

I mentioned yesterday that the Z team recently went to Dallas for some face-to-face time with our publishing partners at Leadership Network and Exponential. After  a day of good meetings they took us out for some steak – Texas Style – at Hoffbrau’s Steaks. I’d never had fried pickles until this meal – delicious! After the meal we headed over to Wild Bills Hats and Boots, at which Greg snapped this ridiculous picture of me:

This year the big Z and LN will be releasing two new titles in our Leadership Network Innovation Series: Bridges to Grace and Love Without Walls. You’ll hear more about these books right here in the future, but as Love Without Walls was just announced to the public this week, and because Bridges to Grace just released, I couldn’t help but mention them here:

Love Without Walls, Leadership Network

Bridges to Grace, Leadership Network

Which book in the Leadership Network Innovation Series is your favorite?

Hangin’ out in Dallas: 1 of 2

This week I got to head to the Big D to spend some time with our friends and publishing partners, Leadership Network. They’re located in downtown Dallas. Had we stayed one day longer we would’ve seen the parade for the Dallas Mavericks. But alas, our time in the D was too short…

While we were there we spent time discussing the Exponential Series and the Leadership Network Innovation Series. Our brain trust met in one of the coolest rooms I’ve been in that side of the ’ole Mississip’ – The Innovation Lab.

Innovation Lab, Leadership Network

Complete with slinkies, bean bags, and enough marker boards to supply a thousand elementary schools, The Innovation Lab is truly a unique, creative space. It also included magnetic walls and is connected to a full service kitchen.

Innovation Lab, Leadership Netwrok

(My pictures here really don’t do it justice.) I asked Greg Ligon and Stephanie Plagens to explain what goes on inside the Innovation Lab when they’re not entertaining publishers…and after a short tour they showed me this video. (And perhaps you’ll see more of the lab too…)

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to the LN team for hosting us!

“Dangerous Church” by John Bishop released this week

Dangerous Church, John BishopJohn Bishop is the senior pastor and founder of Living Hope Church in Vancouver, Washington. In Dangerous Church: Risking Everything to Reach Everyone he asks a series of questions that you might have asked about your own ministry:

  1. Why are you doing church?
  2. If your church ceased to exist, would anyone notice?
  3. Will you lose to win?
  4. Who is building the church?

John’s thesis can be boiled down this way: Dangerous churces choose to risk everything – comfort, safety, and the security of the familiar – for the sake of the one thing that matters most: reaching out to people who may spend eterrnity separated from the God who created them.

Here’s a video from John and some blurbs about the book at the bottom:

YouTube Preview Image

This Week: Ethnic Blends Blog Tour

Ethnic Blends: Mixing Diversity into Your Local Church is being reviewed this week across the blogosphere. The book is by Mark DeYmaz, founding pastor of the Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas, and Harry Li, a campus pastor at the same church.

Ethnic Blends, Mark DeYmaz, Harry Li, Leadership NetworkYou can purchase Ethnic Blends through Nov. 5th for 40% off and free shipping at Zondervan.com. Use source code: 370034

I’ll also be keeping a running list of the reviews on this post and tweeting them throughout the week. Here’s a few endorsements for the book:

DeYmaz and Li have provided a gift to churches that desire to reflect the Kingdom where cultures are valued, but also bridged, for God’s glory. – Ed Stetzer, president, LifeWay Research

Mark DeYmaz, perhaps more than any pastor in America, has his pulse on what it will take for the Church to find real reconciliation in our generation. – Matt Carter, lead pastor, Austin Sone Community CHurch, Austin, TX

Participating Blogs:
In Defense of Orthodoxy 
Against Nothingness 
Disney Queen 
Simul Iustus et Peccator 
Ponderings by Andrea 
Squirrel Factor

Leading and Reading: Leadership Network event and interview

On November 11, Leadership Network is hosting a live, online event on the topic of Leaders & Readers. Six authors will share their thoughts on the role that reading has played in their leadership experiences, drawing content from their latest books. On that day, the audience will be able to participate in the conversation through live Q&A.

I was invited to share my thoughts on the following three questions…

1. Complete this sentence: “I feel that reading is valuable to leadership because…”

Ethnic Blends: Social Justice is Who We Are

Ethnic Blends, Mark DeYmaz, Harry Li, Leadership NetworkA couple of weeks ago we posted the blog tour sign up for Ethnic Blends. Just a reminder for those of you who signed up that the tour is only two weeks away – November 1-5!

In chapter 3, “Overcoming Theological Obstacles” DeYmaz and Li make some salient points about social justice in regards to the multi-ethnic church:

First, we have found that in a healthy multi-ethnic church, social justice is not so much a program to pursure; rather, it is who we are. In other words, a missional mindset quite naturally flows from the diversity of the body itself. In this sense, then, Mosaic [their church] is not som much focused on becoming missional; rather we are the mission! We are not so much focused on building bridges tot he community; we are the community! [emphasis mine] (p.93)

Sign up for the “Ethnic Blends” blog tour!

Mark DeYmaz is serious about making the local church diverse. He’s the author of two books on the subject, the newest being, Ethnic Blends: Mixing Diversity into Your Local Church, with Harry Li. It’s part of the Leadership Network Innovation Series.

Here’s what some others have said about Ethnic Blends:

For those doing the hard and important work of helping to build the ethnically diverse church, Ethnic Blends offers much-needed encouragement and a road map forward. — Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, Author, and Professor, North Park Theological Seminary

God called us to reach people, love people, and help people grow in Christ, no matter what their background is. This book helps us to recapture that vision in a powerful way. — Jonathan Falwell, Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church

The Ethnic Blends blog tour will be November 1-5. Sign up here to participate. [Sorry! This blog tour sign up has closed.] If your blog is approved you’ll be sent a FREE copy of the book. Then post your review on Amazon and on your blog. It’s that simple!

(After reading the word “blends” so much is anyone else jonesing for a milkshake?)

Christ’s Love for the Nations – Pete Briscoe, “The Surge”

We just posted this video up of Pete Briscoe talking about his new book, The Surge: Churches Catching the Wave of Christ’s Love for the Nations. This book is part of the Leadership Network Innovation Series and releases in November 2010.

Look for The Surge on shelfve in November, and I’ll also be giving away a few copies here in December.

YouTube Preview Image

I love what he says in this video about being a “mission-minded pastor.” What do you think? In your own church, are leaders encouraged to think this way about the Great Commision?

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