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Blog Tour: Love Without Walls by Laurie Beshore

Laurie Beshore, Mariner's Church, Kenton Beshore, outreach, evangelismThe Love Without Walls Blog Tour

The blog tour is this week! I’ll be keeping a list below of the stops on the tour. I will update it as the reviews are posted. So be sure to check back.

If you serve in an outreach ministry either through your church or through another non-profit organization I highly recommend this book to you. These blog links will give you many ideas as to why this book is one not to miss. Read on!

  • Stop #1: Richard Burkey’s review - This blog isn’t officially part of the tour, but it’s a great post to get us started. Here’s a line from the review that I really enjoyed: “Laurie Beshore does more then write a how to move your church into the community. She writes of stories and transformation, mistakes and missteps. She doesn’t come off with having all the answers, just a simple plan follow where God guides, bring His love and keep at it, no matter how many missteps along the way.”
  • Stop #2: Gary Ware’s “MGPC Pastor’s Blog” – Gary is one of our regular reviewers and blog tourers (tourers?). Gary ends his review with some thoughts on what he’s “not sure about”. I thought they were worth posting here because others may have something to add: “I’d like to see some of the biblical underpinnings for the contention that the work of the church, empowered by the Gospel in this current age, is to effect the redemption and restoration of all creation. (pg 139) I accept social mission is an integral aspect of Christian life, I don’t know that it’s part of our great commission.”
  • Stop #3: Chris Kidd, minister in the UK – Chris mentions one of the author’s ideas that stuck with me too: You have to create safe opportunities for new volunteers to get involved if you hope to recruit new people into your ministry.
  • Stop #4: Conrade Yap’s “Panorama of a Book Saint” blog: Dr. Yap is one of my favorite reviewers to follow. He has a way with words. Like these: “Outreach is about building bridges with planks of love. We cannot look at the gulf before us and get discouraged into non-action. Instead, we need to realize how deep God’s love is for miserable old me, so that we can share the love of God, as one beggar showing another beggar where to find food.”
  • Stop #5: Random Thoughts about Life blog: This blogger posted a quick excerpt from the book. Thanks for the nugget to think on, Martin!
  • Stop #6: Let Them Come: This blogger relates the message of the book to her experience volunteering in VBS.

Love Without Walls is available in print and as an eBook wherever books are sold.
Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, ChristianBook.com, and Zondervan.com
Download a PDF sample.
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Love Without Walls – A practical tool for developing your Outreach ministry

Laurie BeshoreLaurie Beshore has lead the outreach ministry at Mariner’s Church in southern California for over 25 years. Her new book, Love Without Walls: Learning to be a Church in the World for the World, tells the story of how she and a handful of volunteers started an outreach ministry to the needy in Orange county that eventually grew to be a global ministry reaching people all over the world. (Some of you probably joined the blog tour for this book last week.)

But it’s not just their story, it’s also filled with practical ideas for other churches to use and adapt to their context. This book is one that I hope outreach pastors and community volunteers will find and love. One of our hopes as a publishing team is that the resources we produce will be transformational for ministry leaders and ultimately a blessing to the church. If you’re a staff member or volunteer in the outreach ministry at your church, or if you’re just interested in learning about how to do more effective ministry on your own, then don’t miss this book.

You can learn more about Laurie and the book in this article from the Newport Beach Independent. Here’s a quote from her:

“’Love Without Walls’ certainly isn’t my story – it’s God’s story of using all of us to do something far greater than we could ever do ourselves. It’s also a story that has taken 25 years to tell. One of my goals in writing the book was to include many of the mistakes we made along the way to help a new generation of church leaders trying to serve communities that are skeptical, if not outright suspicious, of the intentions of the 21st century church.” (read the full article here)

The book  is available tomorrow on Amazon.com and today on BN.comChristianBook.com.

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What’s a galley copy?

Last week I started an informal series of posts about the publishing process with a post about Advanced Reader Copies. This week I’d like to answer the above question, what’s a galley copy? Keep in mind that how my team at Zondervan uses the term “galley copy” might not be exactly how every publishing group does. “Galley copy,” I’ve found, is one of those sort of catch-all terms that publishers use.

When my team at Z uses the term galley copy we’re generally talking about something that looks like this:

Chris willard, jim sheppard, leadership network, Zondervan, publishing

This is a galley for the new book in our Leadership Network Innovation Series, Contagious Generosity by Chris Willard and Jim Sheppard. It’s printed on standard, 8.5 x 11 paper; the interior is in black and white, and it’s bound with hot glue band. I’ve also seen a number of galleys like this that are spiral bound. We typically use the term “galley” for anything printed on 8.5 x 11 paper, and “ARC” for anything printed and bound like an actual book.

Love Without Walls – Blog Tour Sign Up

Laurie BeshoreDuring the week of June 25-29 we’ll be hosting another blog tour. This one is for Laurie Beshore’s new book, Love Without Walls: Learning to be a Church in the World, for the World. This book is the newest book in our Leadership Network Innovation Series and it tells the story of how Mariner’s Church began and grew a unique outreach ministry to their community in Orange County, CA. As with all of the books in this series it is also packed with transferable ideas for other churches to use.

To sign up for the blog tour please fill out this form. (This sign up is closed! Sorry!) We’ll send a free copy of the book to the first 50 people to sign up in exchange for a review posted on your blog and on a book site (Amazon, BN.com, CBD.com, Goodreads, or others) during the blog tour week (June 25-29). During the blog tour week we’ll be tweeting the links, putting them on Facebook, and digging deeply into the content of Love Wihtout Walls.

I hope you can join us! I love reading the reviews and the authors do too.



Love Without Walls by Laurie Beshore is in! (Or, How Heroes Inspire us)

Laurie Beshore’s new book, Love Without Walls: Learning to be a church in the World, for the World just arrived at Zondervan. I consider it a unique privilege to show up at my job only to find new books laying on my desk. It’s a book nerd’s dream come true.

Laurie Beshore

I’ll be talking more about Love Without Walls in future weeks here on the blog. It’s the newest book in the Leadership Network Innovation Series. You can look for it in stores in early June.

Following is an excerpt from the introduction, entitled “Going Boldly”. And although “going boldly” is a Star Trek reference, because of the new Avengers movie I couldn’t help but think of Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man as I read this passage. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean….

We all love stories of heroes. Of great battles fought and won. The “Cinderella story” of coming from behind and claiming victory. Whether fictional or true to life, these stories capture our attention, emotions, and hearts. They inspire us to do great things. They give us hope and faith in our world and humankind.

No one is inspired by no-win scenarios. The lost cause makes us drop our hands to our sides and walk away.

Looking objectively at the world around us, we can put much of what we see in the second, less desirable category. I’ve spent the past twenty-five years confronting situations many would consider no-win. The challenges in our society are great and seemingly hopeless. We see generational cycles of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, inadequate health care, child abuse, elder abandonment – the list goes on. These issues seem insurmountable, and we sometimes want to turn our heads and hope the problems go away. What difference can we make?

And yet.

Contagious Generosity – Does your church have a culture of giving?

Chris Willard, Jim SheppardThis June Zondervan will be publishing Contagious Generosity: Creating a Culture of Giving in Your ChurchThe issue of money and giving is (obviously) not an easy one to talk about in churches. It’s easy to make a mistake and put congregants on the defensive when you’re talking about money the church needs. It’s also challenging to present solid biblical teaching on generosity without seeming like you’re using the Bible to goad people into giving more money.

For lack of the a better term the whole thing becomes a real “sticky wicket” for pastors and church leaders.

Enter Chris Willard and Jim Sheppard. These two have spent years working with churches and ministries on how to inspire generosity – how to really create a culture of generosity –  in a way that honors God and reflects his generous nature. I’ll let the authors speak for themselves in the following video and I’ve posted some endorsements below as well.

YouTube Preview Image

“In Contagious Generosity, Jim Sheppard and Chris Willard want to show you a better way to approaching giving: God’s way.” - Dave Ramsey

“Generosity is a mark of a healthy church and this book will help you and your church get healthy.” - Darrin Patrick, lead pastor of The Journey, St. Louis, and author of For the City 

“For years I have been passionate about helping Christians understand what God has to say about money and generosity. The generosity conversation is crucial to discipleship and to funding the mission of the church. All too often, the church avoids the topic and pays a big price for it. I am grateful to Chris and Jim for taking the topic head-on with practical advice based on their hands-on experience with so many churches!” - Howard Dayton, founder, Compass—finances God’s way

Sticky Teams 2.0 – conference recap

Last week Monday and Tuesday I was blessed to be able to attend the Sticky Teams 2.0 conference in Vista, CA (just north of San Diego). The conference was held at North Coast Church where Larry Osborne is the lead pastor, and is named after his book Sticky Teams. This year’s theme was “growth changes everything.” The main stage speakers were Larry Osborne, Mark Driscoll, Gene Appel, and Chris Brown.

If you ever have a chance to take your ministry team out to this conference you will not be disappointed. It’s totally worth it. It was the most enjoyable conference I’ve been to all year (and I went to a lot of conferences this year) – and not just because it was in southern California (the weather was a bit balmy actually).

Free online conference today: “The Nines”

A boat load of influential pastors, thinkers, writers, and otherwise interesting church leaders will be participating in a free online video conference today called The Nines. This is an annual conference that’s organized by our friends at Leadership Network. For more information go here. The whole thing is completely free.

I encourage you to make some time to watch some of these videos. If you’re busy today, maybe just watch a little on your lunch break. The twitter tag is #thenines. It’s essentially free access to some of today’s most influential church leaders. A great opportunity!

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