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Thursday Giveaway: Lessons Kids Need to Learn

David Staal, Kids Hope USA, mentoring, Sunday School, parentingSince we’ve been talking about how churches can help the fatherless generation this week I thought it would be good to giveaway a book today that encourages parents and mentors. I’ve given away a copy of Fatherless Generation on a Thursday giveaway in the past, so today, I wanted to feature Lessons Kids Need to Learn by David Staal.

This book is a great book for Children’s Ministry leaders to be aware of. It’s not just for parents. It’s for grandparents, Sunday School teachers, mentors, teachers, and anyone else who speaks into a child’s life. It’s biblical and practical, and it’s just the right size for churches to use when training volunteers in their Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry programs.

To enter today’s giveaway leave a comment below about the children’s ministry at your church. Tell us how many volunteers it (approximately) takes to run your program each Sunday, and what your church does to show them appreciation for their sacrifices.

Two winners will be randomly chosen on Friday at noon. Here’s a video of author David Staal (president of Kids Hope USA) talking about the greatest need kids have today.
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Interview with John Sowers, How churches can help a Fatherless Generation

Yesterday I posted that Dr. John Sowers was recently honored at the White House for his work with The Mentoring Project. John gracious gave me some time for a quick interview. While I read this interview I was struct by the profundity of his call for the church to mentor the fatherless – and for the kingdom-building implications this could have in my own church if we took it seriously. I hope you enjoy this interview. – Andrew


Andrew: Tell us about how you and The Mentoring Project (TMP) got connected with the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Fatherless Generation, The Mentoring Project, mentorsJohn: I first connected with the White House in 2009 when I was invited  to the White House Town Hall meeting with President Obama and others, lifting up the need for great fathers, and men to be mentors. It was a catalytic event for me, and something that definitely affirmed my calling to the fatherless. (I write more about that experience in the last chapter of Fatherless Generation.) Since then, Joshua Dubois (Faith Based Director) and I have become friends. I have been really impressed at the emphasis on mentoring.

Andrew: How do you hope God uses this honor to bless the work of TMP?

John: It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by the White House. At the same time, the real joy is seeing the fatherless conversation begin to take it’s rightful place. This is THE issue that our country needs to recognize. The next generation is our future, for better or worse. This generation is the first generation that has been willfully abandoned by their fathers. And unfortunately, for this generation – and our country – the story is not ending well. This year, the city of Chicago has had some 900 shootings … and the Police Commissioner recently said that some 80% of these shootings are gang-related. We know that, statistically, gangs are composed of fatherless youth. Fatherless boys are joining fatherless gangs and shooting other  fatherless boys.

White House Honors John Sowers – author of “The Fatherless Generation”

A Zondervan author was at the White House last week receiving a prestigious honor. Dr. John Sowers was one of ten people who were honored as “Champions of Change” by the White House Office of Public Engagement and Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. John and the others were honored because of their work fighting against the problem of fatherlessness in the United States today.

In the video below John speaks the most between 31:00 and 42:00 (approximately). Then he continues to contribute to the discussion afterward.

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Fatherless Generation by John SowersThe Fatherless Generation: Redeeming the Story is available in print and eBook wherever books are sold.
Amazon.com; BarnesandNoble.com; ChristianBook.com and Zondervan.com

Links Worth Clicking: Challies, Keller, Carson, and the Inklings

BibleDude.net has a couple of great reviews up right now: 1) A series of posts on John Sowers’ Fatherless Generation. 2) He also has a new review up of my favorite book on the Lewis and the boys: The Inklings of Oxford. Thanks for the support BibleDude!

Tim Challies visited Z last week. His book, The Next Story, just released. You can listen to a podcast he recorded while he was here, and read about a discussion we had regarding “grocery stores and mind control” on Mason’s site.

Finally, the Gospel Coalition Conference is coming up next week. On Monday I’ll be posting what’s Z has going on during the show. Below is a video of DA Carson and Tim Keller discussing the conference. Are you going?

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This week: “Fatherless Generation Blog Tour”

Fatherless Generation by John SowersThe Fatherless Generation Blog Tour begins this week! For the next five days bloggers will be reviewing and wrestling with the work of John Sowers in his new book, Fatherless Generation: Redeeming the Story.

This week, Oct. 11-15 only, you can order a copy of Fatherless Generation for 50% OFF and Free shipping at Zondervan.com Use this code: 370033

What does it mean for a generation to grow up without Dad? What happens when Dad walks out the door of your life, never to return? What happens when our givers of life give us a lifetime of tears?

I’ll be keeping a running list of the discussions here. Join the conversation about fatherlessness in America this week and discover what the church can do amidst this crisis. (read sample)

BibleGeekGoneWild and also on CrossFocusedReviews
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Two week until: “Fatherless Generation Blog Tour”

Fatherless Generation by John SowersIn two weeks the Fatherless Generation Blog Tour will begin (October 11-15). Bloggers across the country will be wrestling with the questions found in John Sowers’ Fatherless Generation:

What does it mean for a generation to grow up without Dad? What happens when Dad walks out the door of your life, never to return? What happens when our givers of life give us a lifetime of tears?

John Sowers is the president of The Mentoring Project, a non-profit founded by Donald Miller to help young boys who have no father at home and need Christian mentoring. In the foreword to Fatherless Generation Miller writes:

See “The Fatherless Generation” video

YouTube Preview Image

This video features a lot of pretty serious imagery: guns, gangs, drugs, suicide, etc. When I saw the first draft of the video I thought “whoa, that’s a little heavy for a book trailer.” But then it occured to me – That’s the point. Fatherless boys have no guide to lead them away from these things.

Does your church have a mentoring program? How does it work?

To learn more read The Fatherless Generation.

Still time to join the Fatherless Generation Blog Tour

Fatherless Generation by John SowersIf you follow Donald Miller’s blog then you’ve heard about The Fatherless Generation by John Sowers for a few days in a row now. Here’s Don’s video review, an excerpt from the book, and one more excerpt.

The sign-up for the Fatherless Generation Blog Tour is not yet closed. {The tour sign-up is now closed – sorry!} For all the details on how you can get a FREE copy see our post.

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