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Exponential Conference Announces 2013 Speakers

(HT: Leadership Network)

Zondervan booth piled high at the ’09 Exponential Conference. Looking forward to another good year in 2013.

I’ve posted before about my experiences at the Exponential Conference. It’s a fun show every spring that involves many Zondervan authors, a campus-ful of Church planters, and by God’s grace it helps launch exciting, effective movements for his kingdom. It’s also a great time for publishers because we get a chance to see our books get into the hands of the very people we designed them for: Church Leaders. I love that.

So, I was excited to see this list today. I’m already thinking and planning for the conference next year.

Will you be at Exponential 2013? I will.

Exponential 2013’s Main Stage Speakers

Craig Groeschel

Francis Chan

Wayne Cordeiro

Alan Hirsch

Larry Osborne

Andy Hawthorne

Jo Saxton

Randy Frazee

Jen Hatmaker

Dave Ferguson

Chris Hodges

Mike Breen

Jim Putman

John Burke

Getting Ready for Exponential 2012

Today’s my last day in the office before heading to the Exponential Conference next week. To give you a snapshot into what being a publisher is like here’s what the schedule is for our team over the next few days:

  • Sunday: Fly to Orlando. Arrive in the afternoon and start setting up the Zondervan booth at First Baptist Orlando
  • Monday: Pre-Conference begins and we start selling books right away, meeting church-planters, and catching up with our authors. Busy-ness begins!
  • Tuesday: The conference begins. Church leaders that will be at the conference include: Wayne Cordeiro, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Larry Osborne, Brandon Hatmaker, Hugh Halter, and lots, and lots, of others. It will be a full day of meetings, selling books, and hearing some speakers.
  • Wednesday: More of the same!
  • Thursday: More of the same, all morning! Then we tear down the booth (which is no small task) and head home.

All this to say, it’s a busy, but fun week. If you’re there be sure to come by the Zondervan booth and let us know you read Engaging Church. I’d love to meet you face-to-face.

Zondervan booth at 2009 Exponential Conference

Others are blogging about Exponential too. Here’s the links to their posts:

An interview with Geoff Surratt (and a book giveaway!)

Exponential Conference, Saddleback Church, Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from GrowingThis week I caught up with pastor, author, innovator, and Church catalyst, Geoff Surratt. He’s the new Director of the Exponential Conference and along with Todd Wilson and Dave Ferguson is a part of the senior leadership team. The Exponential Conference is the largest gathering of church planters on the planet with an expected attendance of 5,000 this April. Will you be there?

Andrew: Describe your new role at Exponential in two sentences. What are you really going to be doing?

Geoff: In addition to overseeing the Exponential Conference my role includes aggregating, moderating and distributing content for church leaders as well as connecting church planters, church planting networks and church planting partners. Our goal is to catalyze reproducing church movements.

Andrew: When you attend the conference this April, what will you be focused on? Will you be learning how things run and watching the “behind the scenes” organization? In short what will be going through your head, given your new role?

Geoff: My main role at the conference this year is to make sure all of the speakers have all the Diet Coke they can drink. While this may seem trivial, it is really the engine the Exponential runs on. When I’m not pouring liquid manna I will be connecting with leaders and church planters and learning how we can better serve them in the coming year. Connecting with like-minded leaders is the best part of Exponential.

Andrew: The theme of the conference this year is around the idea of God’s leaders being “sifted.” Do you have a story of being sifted?

Jesus is Our Ultimate Hope

I had to share this video from Darrin Patrick, pastor of The Journey Church in St Louis, and author of For the City, with Matt Carter.  He briefly talks about Jesus as our ultimate hope and that he is the truer and better politician.

YouTube Preview Image


Stories of Sifted: New Devos just for Ministry Leaders

I blogged recently on the upcoming Exponential Conference. The theme for this conference is “Sifted.” It’s taken from the verses found in Luke 22:31-32:

31 “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. 32 But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” (NIV)

Stories of Sifted logoIn preparation for the conference the folks at Exponential have put together a series of 20 devotionals written for ministry leaders, by ministry leaders. They are calling it “20 Leaders in 20 days” and it can be found on their “Stories of Sifted” web page. The full list of contributors can be found here. The list includes Hugh Halter, Geoff Surratt, Michelle Wegner, and a number of other recognizable names and new names.

I’ve read two stories so far: Peter’s (as in, the apostle Peter); and Alex Absalom’s (church planter from the UK).

Francis Chan on being “Sifted”

Have you been to the annual Exponential Conference? It’s held every April in Orlando, Fl. I’ve attended in 2009 and 2011 and am gearing up for going again this year. The theme of the 2012 conference is “Sifted” as it is used by the Lord in Luke 22:31-31:

“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”

The idea is that God allows sifting to take place in the lives of his ministry leaders. Some say he doesn’t just allow it, he intentionally sifts his leaders. Here’s a video from Francis Chan explaining the concept in more detail.

YouTube Preview Image

One quote in this video has got me thinking. It’s near the beginning. Chan says, “it really is over the years that God humbles you, he uh, sometimes even humiliates you. But it’s all for a good cause. It’s all about building you up.”

Reader Review Trends in Exponential Blog Tour

ExponentialReader reviews are in from the Exponential blog tour, and we noticed three trends:
(1) The book is so practical that it leaves nowhere to hide.
(2) But the book is encouraging, too. Is it too encouraging?
(3) Does the book leave God out of the picture?

Read on and let us know where you weigh in.
Learn more
about the book. Read sample

1. The book is so practical that it leaves nowhere to hide.
This was put succinctly by Daniel Edwards: “When you finish exponential you have a simple path laid out before you and you’re left with no excuses as to why you can’t get started. That’s challenging.” Read Edwards’ review Several reviewers make similar conclusions: Martin Pitcher, Adam Jackley, Robbie Foreman, and Jeff Leake.

A counter-point was raised by John Collier, who suspects the Fergusons’ methods are too formulaic to be useful in various situations. On the other hand, David Kludt thinks it would be useful to communities of different sizes (read Kludt’s review), and Methodist pastor Justin Halbersma suggests the book would even be helpful for leaders in mainline protestant denominations.

Cool tangent of the day: Paul A. Nierengarten observes how Exponential connects to historic ministries of St. Francis and St. Anthony. Nierengarten also asks some thoughtful questions about leadership. Read Nierengarten’s review

Help choose the cover for Exponential

In April of 2010, the new book from Dave and Jon Ferguson will be releasing to kick off the new Exponential Series at the Exponential Conference.  This book is entitled – what else – Exponential.   Exponential: How You and Your Friends can Start a Missional Church Movement is the anchor book in the Exponential Series – a partnership between Exponential Network, Leadership Network and Zondervan featuring several signature books each year to tell the reproducing church story, celebrate the diversity of models and approaches God is using to reproduce healthy congregations, and to highlight the innovative practices of healthy reproducing churches.

We are working through the cover design process and would like your help in choosing the cover design.  Below are four cover options.  Please leave your top choice for cover in the comments section.  As a thank you, if you comment and send your mailing address to multisiteroadtrip@zondervan.com I will send you a free pre-release copy of the newest Leadership Network Innovation Series book, A Multi-Site Church Roadtrip (to the first 50 people only).

The voting and free book offer ends Sunday, 20 September.  Thanks!

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