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Let Pagans Play by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson @DaveFerguson @JonFerguson

Exponential by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson“Let Pagans Play” is excerpted from “Exponential: How You and Your Friends Can Start a Missional Church Movement” by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson. It’s listed on pages 82 and 83 as one of the Five Factors for Reproducing Artists.

Many of our artists play in local bands and perform in theater companies. Since we encourage people at all stages of spiritual growth to use their art for God, we have lots of artists who are recruited by other artists and begin doing their art at our church before they become Christ followers. We’re not only okay with that; we encourage it. Our Romeoville campus has been very successful in encouraging people playing in outside bands to come to chruch to play in the worship bands. They have recruited two entire bands that way. Not only that, but as a result of the relationships that have been formed in these bands, a number of people in them have actually come to follow Jesus!

The next time you’re in a public place, take a look around. If you are in a public place right now, go ahead and take a look at the people around you. Think to yourself, “Thirty percent of the people I see have significant artistic gifts.” That’s three out of ten. And sadly enough, most of them don’t think they have a place in the church. Yet these are the very people that you need, along with your friends, to catalyze and sustain a missional movement. So go over and ask one of them to join you!



Exponential is the first book in the Exponential Series. Right now through April 30 all Exponential EBooks are on sale for $2.99 wherever ebooks are sold!

Exponential Series eBook Sale – Every Book

Exponential Series, church planting, ministry, leadershipDuring the month of April every eBook in the Exponential Series will be on sale for $2.99. The Exponential Series is designed for church planters and for those who want to multiply their ministry. It features authors and ministry leaders from a variety of church models and each book is filled with practical takeaways. If you’re a church planter, or if you’re thinking about planting a church, or if you’re a ministry leader who oversees new campuses, new ministries, or new church plants, then this series is for you. The $2.99 price will be good through the end of the month at any retailer that sells ebooks.

  • Exponential: How You and Your Friends Can Start a Missional Church Movement – by Dave Ferguson & Jon Ferguson
    Amazon, B&N , CBD
  • AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church – by Hugh Halter & Matt Smay
    Amazon, B&N , CBD
  • Transformation: Discipleship that Turns Lives, Churches, and the World Upside Down – by Bob Roberts Jr.
    Amazon, B&N , CBD
  • On the Verge: A Journey into the Apostolic Future of the Church – by Alan Hirsch & Dave Ferguson
    Amazon, B&N , CBD
  • For the City: Proclaiming and Living Out the Gospel – by Darrin Patrick & Matt Carter with Joel A. Lindsey
    Amazon, B&N , CBD
  • Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture – by Brandon Hatmaker
    Amazon, B&N , CBD

[Our two newest Exponential eBooks, Sifted and It's Personal, have not yet released. They will be available for the $2.99 price from April 23 - April 30.]

New podcast with Wayne Cordeiro and Dave Ferguson on being “sifted”

What is like to be “sifted” as a ministry leader? Sifted in the Luke 22:31-32 sense of the word? Dave Ferguson interviews Wayne Cordeiro on this podcast and asks that question among many others about leadership trials.

It’s facinating to hear Wayne’s story of building New Hope Oahu in Honalulu. Not because the ultimate goal of ministry is to build a big church, but because Wayne admits that church planting scared him to death. He talks about the spiritual warfare he’s faced, struggling with depression, and other hardships of ministry. Some of what he’s faced has been so intense it’s affected him physically as well as spiritually.

I also appreciated what Wayne says about the result of being sifted. He says that God will “never let go of your hand” and also that you’ll understand the pain of others so much better. He says ”crisis is a terrible thing to waste” because it helps you make changes that God wants you to make.

For a complete list of podcasts by Exponential see this list on iTunes.

The “On the Verge” Blog Tour

Alan Hirsch, Dave Ferguson, exponentialAll this week bloggers will be posting their reviews of Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson’s On the Verge: A Journey into the Apostolic Future of the Church. I’ll be keeping a list right here of all of the participating blogs. I encourage you to read a few reviews and join the discussion!

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On the Verge – Imagination

Over the last week or so I’ve been sending out a lot of copies of On the Verge in preparation for the upcoming blog tour. I’m really looking forward to how people react to this book. It’s a book that Mark Batterson said, “Will make you rethink the way you lead…” Craig Groeschel called it, “pace-setting,” and said it will “change your paradigm.” Check out this video from Alan and Dave in which they discuss these ideas – rethinking, paradigm-shifting ideas.

YouTube Preview Image

“On the Verge” Blog Tour Sign Up

Alan Hirsch, Dave Ferguson, exponentialJuly 11-15 I’ll be hosting a blog tour for On the Verge: A Journey into the Apostolic Future of the Church by Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson. Our blog tour rules are the same as always:  1) Sign up and agree to posting a review on your blog and on Amazon during the tour week [The blog tour is full. Sorry! Sign up is now closed.] 2) we send you a free copy of On the Verge.

On the Verge is a part of the Exponential Series – a series of books dedicating to telling the reproducing church story. Exponential series books equip church planters with practical steps and innovate ideas to plant churches, and to multiply their ministries. On the Verge casts a prophetic vision for leaders in the church, calling us to return to our apostolic faith with a fresh vision for the future. (read a sample)

Dave and Alan were key speakers at the 2011 Exponential Conference earlier this spring. If you missed the conference, here a clip that gives you a taste of what it means to be “on the verge.”

YouTube Preview Image

Sign up here for the blog tour and I’ll send you a book! Also, be sure to follow On the Verge on Twitter!

“Exponential” Blog tour this week

Exponential by Dave Ferguson and Jon FergusonNearly 100 bloggers signed up for a the Exponential blog tour this week. As discussions and reviews appear online I’ll add to the list below. You read a sample chapter of Exponential: How You and Your Friends Can Start a Missional Church Movement here.  This is the latest book from Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson, and the first book in the new “Exponential Series.”

I hope you enjoy the blog tour this week. Conversations like these can often be the Catalyst for real change in the body of Christ.


Stops on the blog tour:

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“Exponential” Blog Tour and NFL Draft Day

The Exponential blog tour is right around the corner, June 7-11. The guys behind the book, Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson, created a series of videos that introduce each chapter of Exponential and that tell the story of Community Christian Church. Check out the first one here:
YouTube Preview Image
Watching this video immediately makes me ask two questions:

1) Do I really think “I can do it”? Even when God has proven himself faithful?

2) NFL Draft Day is a national holiday?! What would an NFL Draft Day tree look like? Or NFL Draft Day desserts? Presents? Stockings? ;-)

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