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Chuck Swindoll’s Insights on Revelation, hell and judgment

If you’ve not heard of the “Swindoll’s New Testament Insights” series then I encourage you to check out this video.

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The newest volume, Insights on Revelation, just released! I think this volume is pretty timely considering all of the discussion recently about hell and judgment because of Rob Bell’s, Love Wins. (And no, we didn’t plan this. Reference volumes like this take years to write, edit, and publish. When we set the release schedule for the Swindoll series we had no idea there would be so many books about hell and judgment being released at the same time.)

Chuck Swindoll, hell, judgment, heaven, afterlife

Swindoll’s commentary on 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus

A sample went up on Scribd today.

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Links Worth Clicking: Free Books, Chuck Swindoll, and more

If you like our recent series, “Psalms on Sunday,” then you’ll love the giveaway going on today at www.BibleGeekGoneWild.com He’s giving away 6 copies of The Essential Bible Companion to the Psalms. It would make an excellent last-minute Christmas gift for someone.

The Amazon Vine Voice and frequent blogger over at the “Pastoral Musings” blog has posted an excellent new review  on Chuck Swindoll’s commentary on James, 1 & 2 Peter. In the review he says:

Swindoll’s Insights are exactly that: Swindoll’s Insights. They are the product of years of study, experience, and pastoral ministry. The things contained in these commentaries aren’t the product of ivory tower academia, but are the results of being in the trenches serving Christ and loving His people. Thus it is that scholarship is brought to us all in a way that we all can profit.

We recently interviewed Jim Samra, author of, The Gift of Church. If you liked that book but are still on the fence about reading it, see these two reviews: Scripture Dig and Our House of Fun.

Book Review: Insights on Romans in Bible Study Magazine

Chuck Swindoll, Romans, Apostle Paul, Insights for LivingThe new issue of Bible Study Magazine is out now and Chuck Swindoll is featured on the cover. They even reviewed Insights on Romans! I’ve included the review below. If you’d like to learn more about this series visit www.SwindollInsights.com 

Insights on Romans

It’s 64 ad. A tent-maker and Pharisee-turned-apostle is writing a letter encouraging Roman Christians in their faith. Paul is writing what Charles R. Swindoll calls “the first systematic theology of the Christian faith,” “the believer’s constitution,” and “a manifesto of the new kingdom” (pg. 19).

5 New Bible Reference tools to Kick Off Fall 2010

I hate to admit it, but the summer ends soon. *sigh*

So, as churches, youth groups, pastors, and small group leaders finalize their fall schedules I thought it would be helpful to post 5 new Bible reference tools that will help you better teach the Bible. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? In addition to some of the catalog blurbs about each book I’ve posted my own thoughts. I’d love to read your reactions to these titles below. Are you looking forward to any of them more than the others? Which one?

Zondervan Atlas of the Bible revised editionZondervan Atlas of the Bible: Revised Edition by Carl Rasmussen – “This thoroughly revised edition of the Gold Medallion Award-winning Zondervan NIV Atlas of the Bible uses innovative 3D imaging technology and over one hundred images to bring the biblical world to life with unprecedented clarity.” As I flipped through it I was amazed at the Holy Land imagery and how clearly the information is portrayed. Who says an atlas isn’t cool? read sample

Win a free copy of “Inights on John” by Chuck Swindoll

Friends at the Zondervan blog are giving them away right here. :-)

This Week: Follow the Insights on John Blog Tour

Insights on John by Chuck SwindollInsights on John is the second volume in the Swindoll’s New Testament Insights series, a series of commentaries that capture the wisdom and signature voice of Chuck Swindoll. His lifetime of experience teaching the Bible on the radio, through printed resources, and from the pulpit fill each volume in this series with content that will surely unlock the meaning of Scripture for a new generation of pastors and lay readers.

This is a series pastors will gain helpful stories, illustrations, and teaching insights from, while lay readers will be grounded with solid biblical teaching of each verse in the New Testament.

All this week bloggers will be reviewing and discussing Insights on John. A few have already posted their reviews. I’ll be keeping a running list here.

Simul Iustus et Peccator
Noah’s Notes
See Through

“Insights on John” Blog Tour plus Swindoll vs. Other Chucks

We’re looking forward to the Blog Tour for Chuck Swindoll’s Insights on John , which is just a little less than two weeks away, July 26-30.

You may not know this, but Swindoll isn’t the only Chuck with insights on the Bible – he’s just the best Chuck with insights on the Bible.


Who: Chuck Norris

His insight on Romans: “Romans 13:4 is talking about ME”

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