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“ProBlogger” goes “ProPastor”

If you’ve been blogging at all during the last few years then you’ve probably heard of Problogger. Today’s post from Darren was interesting one as it compares writing effective blog posts with writing effective sermons.
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Is your blog writing process similar to your sermon writing process? Or are they totally different?

Sign up for the “Sticky Teams” sticky blog tour!

Larry Osborne’s recent release Sticky Teams: Keeping Your Leadership Team and Staff on the Same Page exposes the hidden roadblocks, structures, and goofy thinking that all too often sabotage the health and harmony of even the best intentioned ministry teams. It’s filled with practical and seasoned advice. Larry shows what it takes to get a leadership board, ministry team, and an entire congregation headed in the same direction, sticking together, unified and healthy for the long haul.

August 9-13 we’ll be hosting a sticky blog tour (no, you won’t get doused with honey or stung by any bees). Sign up with this form [Sorry, sign-up for this blog tour has ended.] and if your blog is approved you’ll be sent a FREE copy of Sticky Teams. Then post your review on Amazon and on your blog during the blog tour days. That’s it. Nice and simple and no bees are involved.

Sign up for the “Insights on John” Blog Tour – Chuck Swindoll’s newest

Dr. Charles R. “Chuck” Swindoll has been serving the church for nearly half a century, has touched millions of listeners through his radio ministry “Insights for Living,” and was honored with a lifetime achievement award at last year’s Catalyst Conference.

To my knowledge though, this is his first ever blog tour!

The Swindoll’s New Testament Insights series is a line of not-your-average commentaries that captures the voice and legacy of Dr. Swindoll’s lifetime of teaching the New Testament. It’s filled with practical application, and clear exposition of each verse in the New Testament. Each chapter is also highlighted by photos, charts, timelines and maps, not to mention Dr. Swindoll’s easy-reading style of teaching the Bible. (Peeps in the pulpit and in the pew will be blessed by the wisdom and solid Bible teaching found in these books.)

New blog series from Chuck Swindoll

Our friends over at the Zondervan blog launched a new series of blog posts today from Chuck Swindoll called “Scriptural Insights from Chuck Swindoll.” He’ll be posting something new every Tuesday throughout 2010. 

Scriptural Insights with Chuck Swindoll blog seriesIf you’ve been a part of the church at all in the last few decades then chances are high you’ve either read Chuck’s books, listened to Chuck on the radio, or at least have heard someone quote Chuck Swindoll from the pulpit. His impact on the American church can’t easily be overstated. He’s a veritable Gandalf of western evangelicalism. In fact, just recently Ed Stetzer and crew over at LifeWay Research found that Chuck Swindoll was second only to Billy Graham on the list of the 10 Most Influential Living Preachers, and he was honored at the Catalyst 2009 with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

How has the ministry of Chuck Swindoll made an impact in your life? In your ministry?

Sign up for the “AND” blog tour!

Pastors and church visionaries, Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, aren’t just interested in churches that gather people, they want to see churches that scatter people too. In their new book, AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church, they discuss how church leaders can move beyond the attractional-missional divide and utilize insights from both perspectives. They bring together the very best of the attractional and missional models for church ministry into one solid model. 

Here’s what a few others have to say about AND:

“Hugh and Matt get it. The issue in the American church is not the form or the technology. It’s about what each leader is gifted with and given to become in their context. Forms are dictated by multiple streams of input and relational intersection. May there be a new diaspora of AND churches.” — Dave Gibbons, pastor of NewSong, author of The Monkey and the Fish

Sign up for the “Exponential” Blog Tour

Exponential: How You and Your Friends Can Start a Missional Church Movement is the latest book by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson. In it they communicate a simple strategy that challenges church leaders to become a reproducing follower and leader. Exponential lays out a brief but solid theology for a reproducing strategy, giving practical “how-to’s” for reproducing Christ followers, leaders, artists, groups/teams, venues, sites, churches, and networks of churches.
Weaved throughout this book is the amazing story of Community Christian Church, which was started by five friends who used the reproducing strategies found in Exponential to grow one of the most influential churches in the U.S. and develop a network of reproducing churches.
The week of June 7-11th we will be running a blog tour.  Fill out the form here, and if your blog is approved we will send you a complimentary copy of Exponential by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson.  In return for the book, you will post up a review of the book on your blog and on Amazon.com, that’s it. [Since the time of this post the blog tour sign-up has been closed. Sorry!]

Thanks a ton!

mapping the blog tour for steering through chaos

this week (march 15-19) over 150 bloggers signed up to read and review steering through chaos, by scott wilson, on their blogs.  i’ll be keeping a running tab of these blogs and link their reviews once they are posted.  here are the blogs and if they are linked, they have posted up their reviews.  also, be sure to read and/or download a sample chapter of steering through chaos from scribd, here.  you can also pick up a copy of the book from zondervan, here, or at your favorite retailer.

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disturbing stats about porn

tim chester has a post today talking about his upcoming book, captured by a better vision.  in this post time lists a couple statistics that really struck me:

  • The average age of first exposure to pornography is 11 years old and 80% of 15-17 year olds have had multiple hard-cor e exposure
  • The 35-49 age group is the largest consumer of internet pornography

i have to believe that these two stats are related.  the below demographic should be fathers to the above demographic and are introducing their sons (and daughters) to pornography passively by either having it on their computers, or not talking to them about the dangers of porn, mainly because they are in the grips of it themselves.

i fall into the 35-49 age group and have a history of struggling with pornography.  i also have two young boys, and while i hope that they never see porn, knowing how it permeates our society, know that the likelihood of that is slim.  my prayer is that they do not become addicted to it as i did.  i have three ways i am trying to accomplish this for them:

  1. maintaining my personal freedom in Christ from porn
  2. share my struggles with them about it and talk openly about its destructive powers
  3. pray like their lives depend on it (because to a certain extent, they do).

what are you doing to keep yourself and your kids porn-free?

a couple links that are well worth the read regarding this:

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