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The “Deep & Wide” Blog Tour is this week!

Andy Stanley, North Point ChurchThis week bloggers will be posting their reviews and thoughts on Andy Stanley’s new book Deep & Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to AttendI’ll be keeping a running list of the blog reviews below. Also, if you’re not yet familiar with this book, be sure to check out the promo video.


The Deep & Wide Blog Tour 

“Killer Church” blog by Rich Birch“I really do think it’s the most important church leadership book in a very long time maybe since “Purpose Driven Church” was published in 1995.  Get some copies of it and read it together with your leadership team.”

Panorama of a Book Saint (Conrade Yap) – Conrade is a frequent reviewer of books on ministry. He’s also a pastor and holds DMin. Here’s what he has to say about Deep & Wide“Deep and Wide may very well be one of the biggest paradigm shifters or difference makers for anyone of us wanting to bring our churches to the next level.  More importantly, this book is immediately useful, gradually helpful, and overwhelmingly hopeful.”

Father Michael White at the Church Nativity blog – This post is about the difference between the Greek word Ekklesia and the German word Kirche, and what that means for the church today. The fact that it’s written by a Roman Catholic makes me rejoice. God, and his ekklesia, are so much bigger than our denominations. Praise God for Catholic brothers building the ekklesia of Christ.

Andy Vomsteeg’s Blog – Andy provides a lot of great quotes from the book.

“Steps” Blog – This review says, “This is truly a great book for ministers and lay leaders.

Kuya Kevin’s Blog – This is a great blog post. The reviewer includes some personal connections to Deep & Wide and also lists a series of questions anyone in ministry should ask themselves. Here’s one that gets my head spinning: “Are people rejecting the gospel or are they rejecting all the man-made “baggage” I/we’ve attached to it?

“From My Overly Cluttered Desk” blogDeep and Wide is a book that is worth reading, highlighting, and dialoguing with.  You likely won’t agree with everything Stanley writes, nor should you.  He anticipates that point and even issues some arguments in the book.  However, I think every church leader can find some leadership nuggets and some programmatic challenges worth talking about in the book.  It would be a great book to read as a staff.

“My World” blog“This might be one of the best books I’ve ever read on church ministry or leadership. It is chock full of wisdom, things churches can learn and ways staff’s can grow together to be effective.”

The Exponential Conference blog (Brandon Cox) – Though not officially part of the blog tour I wanted to be sure to list this post. Brandon does a great job of excerpting key ideas from the book and also has this to say: “This is one of those books that will be among the dozen or so that testify of great movements of God in recent history.”

Bramburst blog“Written with the same humor, insights and clarity I’ve come to expect from Andy’s messages each week “Deep & Wide” is a great book for any leader in the wider Christian church not content with running a club for the righteous but a hospital for sinners or in other words the rest of us.”

JR Forastero’s blog – This blogger must have attended Catalyst and heard Andy’s first session. He’s written up a nice summary of Andy’s talk. If you missed Catalyst this year, visit this link.

27Gen Blog – Here’s another blogger who highlights key quotes from the book. His quotes focus mostly on ministry environments.

The Church Health Blog – This blogger highlights 3 key points from Deep & Wide: The importance of making church engaging, appealing, and helpful.

HD Nazarene blog“I’ve read the first 50 pages and if you’re connected to ministry in North America the story is a page-turner.”

Dr. Carlus Gupton’s Life & Leadership blog“This [book] is a good description of the philosophy and practice of a church that is effective in reaching unchurched populations.”

The Blog Pile (Peter DeHaan) - “This book is primarily written for ministers, but applies to all church leaders, both paid and volunteer. It’s also for the laity, for all who want to create churches that unchurched people will love to attend. Read it, apply it, and then do it. Your church will never be the same.”

The Art of Steering blog


The Center Church Blog Tour – Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Redeemer City to CityThe Center Church Blog Tour is here! Today marks the first day that bloggers across the blogosphere will be posting their reviews of Timothy Keller’s new book, Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your CityI’ll keep this list updated throughout the week as more blog reviews surface.

The Center Church Blog Tour

Rusty Modem Blog – This is perhaps the first review of this book to ever go online. Thanks, Rusty!

The High Calling blog - Here’s a great quote from this post: “Center Church is an excellent resource—too extensive to cover in this post. Pastors and lay people alike will find much to consider between these pages. In fact, here at The High Calling we consider it too valuable a resource to allow it to collect dust on our shelf.” They are giving away a copy of the book too!

The Jesus Creed blog (Scot McKnight) – Scot posted once on the measure of a church and just today posted again, specifically about contextualization.

Fundamentally Reformed blog (Bob Hayton)“I recommend that pastors and church leaders everywhere pick up a copy of this important book from Tim Keller. … If we recognize that some sort of “theological vision” exists and undergirds what we do, then focusing on what that vision is and how it is developed will have lasting impact in how we do church in the twenty-first century.” 

Can’t Catch My Breath blog (Dave Kludt)“Keller is a gospel fanatic (in a good way).” 

The Aquila Report“In many ways, this is Keller’s most important work.”

Get free resources and learn more at www.CenterChurch.com 

Sign up for the Deep and Wide Blog Tour – Andy Stanley

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Blog Tour Sign Up: Spiritual Influence by Mel Lawrenz

Mel Lawrenz, leadership, discipleship“Mel Lawrenz has given us all a new baseline for leadership that is personal, wise, and spiritual. It spans generations and reaches across cultures. Just think what will happen if believers in positions of influence tie into the wisdom and the power that come from God in order to bring restoration in our broken world!” – Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor, National Community Church

This blog tour sign up is now closed. Sorry! Check back to read the reviews during the week of August 20-24. 

Blog Tour: Love Without Walls by Laurie Beshore

Laurie Beshore, Mariner's Church, Kenton Beshore, outreach, evangelismThe Love Without Walls Blog Tour

The blog tour is this week! I’ll be keeping a list below of the stops on the tour. I will update it as the reviews are posted. So be sure to check back.

If you serve in an outreach ministry either through your church or through another non-profit organization I highly recommend this book to you. These blog links will give you many ideas as to why this book is one not to miss. Read on!

  • Stop #1: Richard Burkey’s review - This blog isn’t officially part of the tour, but it’s a great post to get us started. Here’s a line from the review that I really enjoyed: “Laurie Beshore does more then write a how to move your church into the community. She writes of stories and transformation, mistakes and missteps. She doesn’t come off with having all the answers, just a simple plan follow where God guides, bring His love and keep at it, no matter how many missteps along the way.”
  • Stop #2: Gary Ware’s “MGPC Pastor’s Blog” – Gary is one of our regular reviewers and blog tourers (tourers?). Gary ends his review with some thoughts on what he’s “not sure about”. I thought they were worth posting here because others may have something to add: “I’d like to see some of the biblical underpinnings for the contention that the work of the church, empowered by the Gospel in this current age, is to effect the redemption and restoration of all creation. (pg 139) I accept social mission is an integral aspect of Christian life, I don’t know that it’s part of our great commission.”
  • Stop #3: Chris Kidd, minister in the UK – Chris mentions one of the author’s ideas that stuck with me too: You have to create safe opportunities for new volunteers to get involved if you hope to recruit new people into your ministry.
  • Stop #4: Conrade Yap’s “Panorama of a Book Saint” blog: Dr. Yap is one of my favorite reviewers to follow. He has a way with words. Like these: “Outreach is about building bridges with planks of love. We cannot look at the gulf before us and get discouraged into non-action. Instead, we need to realize how deep God’s love is for miserable old me, so that we can share the love of God, as one beggar showing another beggar where to find food.”
  • Stop #5: Random Thoughts about Life blog: This blogger posted a quick excerpt from the book. Thanks for the nugget to think on, Martin!
  • Stop #6: Let Them Come: This blogger relates the message of the book to her experience volunteering in VBS.

Love Without Walls is available in print and as an eBook wherever books are sold.
Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, ChristianBook.com, and Zondervan.com
Download a PDF sample.
YouTube Preview Image

Links Worth Clicking: Harney, Buchanan, and why it’s worth doing the small stuff in ministry

Chris Brauns: Chris is a pastor, author, and blogger. Today he has a guest post on Zach Nielson’s blog. He talks about why he let’s a child blow out the candles after their service. It’s a good read. It made me think about the little things we do in ministry and how, if we’re prayerful and intentional, they could be used by God to be extremely meaningful later on.

Kevin Harney: Kevin is the author of many books, but his heart’s passion is outreach and evangelism. He’s the author of Organic Outreach for Ordinary People, Organic Outreach for Churches, and coming this fall, Organic Outreach for Families which is co-authored by his wife, Sherry. Kevin’s website has recently gone through a major overhaul. For resources from Kevin about various ministry topics check out  http://www.kevingharney.com/

Laurie Beshore, Mariner's ChurchLove Without Walls Blog Tour: Just a reminder for all of you reviewing books: the blog tour is next week! I hope you’re enjoying the reading. There are also videos of the author that you could include in your posts available here.

Audio book: Listen to chapter 1 of Your Church is Too SafeThe entire chapter is available for free on YouTube. Enjoy!
YouTube Preview Image

Love Without Walls – Blog Tour Sign Up

Laurie BeshoreDuring the week of June 25-29 we’ll be hosting another blog tour. This one is for Laurie Beshore’s new book, Love Without Walls: Learning to be a Church in the World, for the World. This book is the newest book in our Leadership Network Innovation Series and it tells the story of how Mariner’s Church began and grew a unique outreach ministry to their community in Orange County, CA. As with all of the books in this series it is also packed with transferable ideas for other churches to use.

To sign up for the blog tour please fill out this form. (This sign up is closed! Sorry!) We’ll send a free copy of the book to the first 50 people to sign up in exchange for a review posted on your blog and on a book site (Amazon, BN.com, CBD.com, Goodreads, or others) during the blog tour week (June 25-29). During the blog tour week we’ll be tweeting the links, putting them on Facebook, and digging deeply into the content of Love Wihtout Walls.

I hope you can join us! I love reading the reviews and the authors do too.



This Week: Think Christianly Blog Tour – Jonathan Morrow

This week reviewers and book lovers across the blogosphere will be posting reviews and discussions about Jonathan Morrow’s Think Christianly. If you’re unfamiliar with the book here’s a quick snapshot:

Jonathan Morrow believes that only when Christians learn to present a compassionate, engaging, and informed voice to our culture can the church again become a place the world turns to for answers. Think Christianly gives church leaders practical tools for helping their congregations thoughtfully engage today’s cultural questions.

It’s the type of book that ministry leaders are going to want to have on their shelves for reference time again. Many of the chapters are topical in nature and would be helpful, quick resource when your dealing with hard questions in your ministry.

I’ll be keep track of the participating blog reviews here. Enjoy the conversation!

Apologetics Guy
MGPC Pastor’s Blog 
Theology for the Road   - “ I highly recommend this book!”
Tom Farr  - “Easily one of the best books I’ve ever read.”
Christi Naow 
Panorama of a Book Saint 
The Ruthless Monk 
The Squirrel Factor 
These Second Chances Will Define Me 
Let Them Come 

“Think Christianly, in a compelling and accessible way, equips Christians young and old to engage the culture winsomely, intelligently, and confidently.” – Chuck Colson

You can also follow the tour on Facebook at Facebook.com/EngagingChurch

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