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The Leadership Journal Book Awards!

Dan KimballThe 2012 Leadership Journal book awards were recently announced. I was thrilled to see a good number of Zondervan ministry titles on the list. If you’ve not read these books, I hope you’ll give them a shot.

 Category: The Leader’s Inner Life 

Short List:

Category: The Leader’s Outer Life

Timothy Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian ChurchBest of the Best: Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City by Timothy Keller 

Short List:

Will You Minister Out of Churchland or Graceland in 2013? (Thoughts from Dan Kimball’s Book “Adventures in Churchland”)

I hope your Christmas was merry and new year is happy! I also hope the past week has been an enjoyable break from the rigors of the holiday season.

My holiday week turned out differently than I expected. At the end of the Christmas week I was called to the hospital where a member of my congregation was at the end of life. He was 34 and had been fighting cancer for over 16 months. While he and his wife did whatever it took to fight and press on—they and their community adopted the moto “Whatever It Takes” as a rallying cry—he was brought to the intensive care unit on Christmas Eve with complications from his cancer and pneumonia. That Friday I spent 6 hours with the family, and later that evening he passed from this life into the arms of his Savior.

Knowing that this man had found relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ gave us all hope in this painful time. But as I talked with his wife to begin planning for the funeral I learned that most of his life he struggled to make sense of God and faith. While he grew up in the church, he was turned off to both because of church. It was only in the last few years that he was brought back to faith and then later found Jesus Christ. The church at which I started pastoring last year was deliberate in creating safe space for people like him to ask questions in order to explore and experience new life in Jesus Christ.

Knowing this man and his story reminded me why we ministry leaders need to take great care at deliberately reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that lovingly connects with the world around us. We need to do what Dan Kimball suggests in his new book: We need to minister out of Graceland, rather than Churchland, in 2013.

Big eBook sale on Ministry and Leadership books!

Merry Christmas! There’s a big eBook sale going on from now through January 7th. All of the ministry and leadership ebooks listed below are on sale. There are also fiction, kids, and Christian living titles on sale too. You can see the whole list of titles here.

This eBook sale is good across all eBook formats – Nook, Kindle, iPad – everything. So if you’re looking for some good reading to do over Christmas break, or if you’re anticipating having a new eBook reader after Christmas, don’t forget about this sale.



Deep & Wide  by Andy Stanley was $12.99, now $5.99

Barefoot Church by Brandon Hatmaker was $8.99, now $3.99

It’s Personal by Brian & Amy Bloye was $6.99, now $3.99

Adventures in Churchland by  Dan Kimball was $6.99, now $3.99

Humilitas by John Dickson was $10.99, now $3.99

King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight was $10.99, now $3.99

Gospel Coach by Scott Thomas & Tom Wood was $6.99, now $3.99

Sifted  by Wayne Cordeiro, Francis Chan & Larry Osborne was $8.99, now $3.99

“Adventures in Churchland”—The Book for People Who Think the Church is Messed Up

“Yeah, the church is messed up!” (Actually, she used a different word for ‘messed,’ which I’ll allow you to fill-in-the-blank on that one yourself!)

What a great way to begin a conversation about my future profession as a pastor! Perhaps you’ve had the same reaction when you’ve talked with people about what you do as a pastor, or what you’re passionate about doing with your free-time as a student ministry group leader.

That’s what Beth (not her real name) said when I confirmed the rumor running around the Starbucks I moonlighted at while in seminary. She asked if I was studying to be a pastor and I replied with a hesitant “sort of,” because I had some sense of her relationship with the Church and wanted to be careful about how I talked about my hopes and dreams for my life in ministry. I mentioned how I myself had been frustrated with the Church and hoped to cultivate an alternative expression of the Church.

That’s when she offered her own analysis of the Church. And that’s when I wished I had Dan Kimball’s latest book, Adventures in Churchland, to give her.

Beth had grown up in the Church, and unfortunately she experienced what many others like her who have left the Church have experienced: judgement, stifling legalism, and off-putting hypocrisy. And this is what led Beth to leave the church post-high school and come to the conclusion that the Church is messed up.

Here’s the thing: she’s not alone.

Dan Kimball EBook on sale this week – “Adventures in Churchland”

Dan KimballThis week Dan Kimball’s newest eBook, Adeventures in Churchland: Finding Jesus in the Mess of Organized Religion, will be on sale for $3.99 (regularly $6.99). You can find it at this price anywhere eBooks are sold. The deal will run until 11/26/12.

“If you don’t like the church, or if you’re thinking about leaving, please read this book first. Dan’s stories will make you laugh, make you think, and make you appreciate the church like never before.” – Mark Batterson

“Dan Kimball, more than any pastor I know, has found the heart, mind, and soul of the young adult of America. His book is insightful, pastorally warm, theologically sensitive. Dan’s personal story, told honestly and gently, holds a mirror up to the church’s subculture and unmasks it in order to heal the church and let it be what it really is – a place where messy people find God’s good grace.” – Scot McKnight, author, The King Jesus Gospel

Available at Amazon.com; BN.com; ChristianBook.com or wherever books are sold.

Adventures in Churchland sample is up on Scribd!

In last week’s “Thursday Giveaway” we handed out two copies of Adventures in Churchland by Dan Kimball. In order for folks to be elligible to win one of the copies they had to leave a funny story that happened to them in “churchland” (read: in Christian subculture). The stories were so funny I was laughing out loud as I read them. I highly recommend reading the comments on this post. Even the author chimed in.

For those of you who are interested in the book but either didn’t win one of the giveaway copies or haven’t yet purchased a copy you can check out this sample chapter from Scribd.com:

[scribd id=95558739 key=key-1vp4hdxi4ujqjyume1fx mode=list]

Adventures in Churchland can be purchased at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Christianbook.com or wherever books are sold.

And the winners are…

David Clinkscales and Al Doyle! Thanks to everyone who shared a funny “churchland” story on yesterday’s post. I was seriously cracking up as I read them today. Oh, the shenanigans that happen in churchland…

David and Al: I’ll contact you via email and ship you the books. Thanks!


Thursday Giveaway: Adventures in Churchland by Dan Kimball

Dan Kimball, organized religion, rockabillyThe Thursday giveaway is back! We’ve been on blogging hiatus for a few weeks, but as the summer begins to draw to a close (I know, I’ve said that too soon) we’ll be back in the giveaway mode every Thursday.

Today I’d like to giveaway two copies of Dan Kimball’s new book, Adventures in Churchland: Finding Jesus in the Mess of Organized Religion.  I think Mark Batterson described this book best when he said:

“If you don’t like the church, or if you’re thinking about leaving, please read this book first. Dan’s stories will make you laugh, make you think, and make you appreciate the church like never before.”

If you find that the road you travel in ministry keeps taking you into situations in which you have to argue for the goodness and purpose of the church I hope you’ll read this book. Dan will help you think through common objections to church, and in a humorous way, he’ll give you some fresh ideas on how to talk about it with others.

If you yourself are ready to throw in the church towel. Or if you know someone who is I hope you’ll check out this book. Dan was an unlikely convert and his “adventures in churchland” so clearly reveal that despite the messiness of the church, and despite all the messy people in it, God still wants the church and together we serve those around us as he desires. It’s a funny, hopeful book.

For a chance to win a free copy tell us about one of your funny adventures in churchland. Tell us something humorous that only happens to people who go to church. Did someone sit in “your” pew one Sunday and send Grandma into a hissy fit? Did you ever lead the congregation in prayer only to learn later that your fly is down? Have you ever accidentally dumped the communion wafers all over the people in front of you?

No rants please. [We could all probably go on a rant about church at one time or another, but let's keep this post on the positive side.] Two winners will be chosen randomly tomorrow.

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