Eric Bryant interview with Kevin Harney on “Organic Outreach”

Kevin G. Harney, Sherry Harney, evangelismAuthor and ministry leader, Eric Bryant (Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World), just interviewed pastor Kevin Harney on his book Organic Outreach for FamiliesThe interview is on the site Spreecast, which was new to me, but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account you can easily sign in and watch. The interview focuses on infusing a passion for outreach in your church staff and in the lives of those around you. Both Eric and Kevin share a burden for energizing Christians to be bold, yet natural, in their personal evangelism efforts. You can watch the interview at the link above or by clicking here.

(As an aside: Kevin also shares a little bit about he and Sherry’s writing process. For a wannabe writer like myself it was pretty cool to hear.)


If you’re involved in the outreach and evangelism efforts at your church I would recommend watching this interview. Kevin is a practical, helpful, thoughtful voice in the evangelism conversation. The personal stories included in Organic Outreach for Families demonstrate his passion, and also demonstrate his commitment to help people share their faith naturally, even if their not gifted evangelists.

You can download a sample PDF of Organic Outreach for Families here.


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