Daily Archives: October 24, 2011

MOVE at the Jubilee Center

This picture was taken at Jubilee Center in Ndola, Zambia at the end of a three day pastors training on Biblical and Effective Church Governance.  The teaching team from Willow Creek included former elders Steve Bartz and Betty Schmidt, and Teaching and Content Director, Dan Lovaglia.

Approximately 160 pastors, elders and other church leaders were in attendance from surrounding communities near Ndola.  The group in this picture represents the mentors who are part of the Jubilee Centre network – these leaders are responsible for building into several pastors and churches.

Lawrence Temfwe, the Director of Jubilee Centre, had attended the GLS in S. Barrington and asked if we would be willing to bring the book “Move” as a gift to the mentors.  He and his team will be working to create follow up studies and training materials based on the book to be used by the mentors in their local ministry contexts and network churches.

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