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Sample chapter of Bryan Chapell’s new preaching resource

Justin Taylor posted recently on The Hardest Sermons You’ll Ever Have to Preach. It’s a new resource for preachers, edited by Dr. Bryan Chapell. In it Dr. Chapell has compiled sermons that can be given during the most tragic times - suicide in the community, death of a child, etc. Often times of tragedy come unexpectedly and pastors are expected to have something to preach right away. Thanks to this book you’ll be able to read sermons by Tim Keller, Mike Horton,  John Piper, and many others that will help you speak to people the truth of God’s word during terrible times. I interviewed Dr. Chapell about the book here.

Our sample chapter is now up on Scribd. Enjoy:

[scribd id=62034594 key=key-2jvj4ddipxwbaqd39nrv mode=list]


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