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New college ministry resource from Chuck Bomar: “Worlds Apart”

I was excited to see Worlds Apart: Understanding the Minsdet and Values of 18-25 Year Olds arrive on my desk this morning. Chuck Bomar has been ministering to college-aged people for a while now and with this new resource looks to educate ministry leaders and parents as to how they gain effectively minister to college-aged church members. (Read PDF sample.)

Chuck Bomar, college ministry

Here are a few endorsements to whet the reading appetite:

“There is no question that today’s college student is different. They see life differently; their needs are different; the world they live in is different. In Worlds Apart, Chuck Bomar, one of the leading experts on college students, gives us a solid, clear, and empowering resource for coming alongside these emerging adults. When I want to learn about college students, I read Chuck Bomar.” – Chap Clark

“Chuck Bomar gives very keen insight into the minds and hearts of what often can be a confusing generation to understand. Chuck writes not just out of his research and exerience but out of passion, love, and belief in this generation.” – Dan Kimball

MOVE: What 1,000 Churches Reveal about Spiritual Growth

YouTube Preview Image

We just finished this video for one our new books, MOVE, (you’ll hear more about MOVE in later posts). For now, I just wanted to point out the excellent film company we worked with to make this video happen, Creo Productions. I’m geeked about this video! Thank you Creo for your fantastic work!

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